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  Positive Train Control: Did Railroads Meet 2018 Deadline?
  Trump Syria Plan Prompts Questions 01/17 06:07
  Admin to Roll Out New Missile Plan 01/17 06:14
  More Migrant Children Likely Separated 01/18 06:17
  GOP Dismisses Nixing State of Union 01/17 06:10
  May Battles to Keep Brexit on Track 01/17 06:13
  New Gov. Sees Need to Rebuild Kansas 01/17 06:06
  Dems Challange Trump EPA Nominee 01/17 06:09
  Global Stocks Rise on Friday 01/18 05:54
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@C9H 381'4 1'4
@S9H 913'6 6'0
@W9H 520'4 2'6
@O9H 297'2 1'4
MSFT 106.120000 0.740000
WMT 96.740000 0.390000
XOM 72.130000 0.490000

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